Live The Adventure!

Our specialty is in the area of Biblical Historical Research. You view and listen just as though you were in the classroom. But the best feature is: you can stop and review at any time. Most courses require students to view the CD’s and fill in the provided Course Study Guide.

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Serve With Others!

We are called to serve and WE LOVE IT! We will be sure to provide you with an ample amount of opportunities to serve with us and with others. It is the greatest joy to give of yourself. We would like nothing more than to share the joy with you.

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Learn Other Cultures!

You will be provided with many opportunities to travel with us. Gain new perspectives and energy on your journey. You may find that such a journey may bring you that much closer to God and to others. Explore the world with a new found appreciation and understanding of your Christian faith.

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Graduation, Reach Your Goals!

As a biblically based institution, we are required to help believer’s attain their educational dreams. Let us provide you with the powerful tools that will help you become more effective not only to the Fellowship of Believers but to Our Nation and the International World. Remember! It’s not the price but the Value! The PROGRAMS are available and affordable. The VALUE is up to you!

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Enjoy The Ride!

Our regular customers particularly value the opportunity to be taught by renowned teachers from all around the United States. Scholars come from Liberty, Duke, North Carolina, Georgetown, Cal Berkley, George Madison and Northwestern: just to mention a few.

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    Our goal is to prepare you for a productive life and ministry. Our prayer is that you will follow God’s leading. We are a progressive Evangelical Trans-denominational learning center. We promote no denomination...
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    We offer Associate, Undergraduate and Graduate courses at Florida State Seminary. We want our prospective students to know that as a Biblically based institution, we are required to help Believers attain their educational...
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    Get started on your road to a Masters or Doctorate today! Download and fill out the FSS application form completely. Attach your Passport Photo, have the final page notarized and mail it in....
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