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We are partnered with Light University, the American Association of Christian Counselors and International Board of Biblical Counselors.

We offer courses for graduate credit so our counseling majors may obtain International Board of Biblical Counselors certification. Every student may also receive a Basic and Advanced Diploma from Light University for courses taken through Florida State Seminary.


  • Master of Arts in Religious Studies: 42 Credit Hours
  • Master of Science in Education: 42 Credit Hours
  • Master of Divinity: 90 Credit Hours
  • Master of Science in Leadership : 46 Credit Hours
  • Doctor of Ministry: 36 Hours (above the Master degree plus a doctoral project)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies: 36 Hour (above the M.Div. plus thesis)


  • Caring for People God’s Way 3 credit hours *
  • Caring for Teens God’s Way 3 credit hours *
  • Marriage Works 3 credit hours *
  • Healthy Sexuality 3 credit hours *
  • Addictions 3 credit hours *
  • Life Coaching 3 credit hours
  • Spiritual Discipline 3 credit hours
  • Mediation 3 credit hours
  • Human Development 3 credit hours
  • Competent to Counsel 3 credit hours
  • Extra-Ordinary Women 3 credit hours
  • Marriage Counseling 3 credit hours
  • Psychology and Counseling 3 credit hours
  • Required Master of Divinity Courses