Is Florida State Seminary certified?
Yes! Florida State Seminary is a nationally “CERTIFIED” institution. We are recognized and reviewed by the American Council of Private Colleges (ACPC).


Are credits transferable?
Yes! Our credits are transferable due to our Commission for Independent Education (CIE), and Florida Department of Education (FDOE) over-site. Our credits and degrees are also accepted by the Florida Bureau of Educator Certification (FBEC) for Teacher certification. Many of our graduates are in leadership roles in both the secular and religious fields. We have graduates, of other institutions, who enroll in our Divinity and Ph.D. programs in order to gain access to a Religious Degree.


Are you regionally accredited?
We are not Regionally Accredited. Why? We don’t feel it is frugal to spend in excess of $60,000.00+ for someone to tell us that our courses and degrees are academically acceptable: They have been since 1972. FSS meets state and national recognition.

The Department of Education lists an institution as “Accredited, Certified or Approved”. We are both Approved and Certified. None of our students have had difficulty in transferring credits or degrees. We will contact any institution on your behalf.

Accreditation is given in order that an institution can get Federal or State Funding. We do not desire Federal Funding because it forces us to allow UNGODLY requirements.

We would be forced to admit persons of any belief or lifestyle, contrary to the Biblical World View.


Is Florida State Seminary state certified?
State Certification We are certified by the Florida Council of Private Colleges. Please go to FCPC.COM and review certified institution status requirements. You can get a greater understanding of the verification process.


Is Florida State Seminary an open college?
Yes! We are an open college and students can enroll in a course, or program, at any time.


Is Florida State Seminary at your own pace?
Yes! Our students are able to move at their own pace. Some progress rapidly, in order to complete the degree program as quickly as possible. Others at a much slower pace, in order to allow them time for study.

Nobody fails……. unless they fail to finish! If you are having difficulty, we will assist you so you will be able to complete each course. You never have to start over or repay for a course.


Do you have any scholarships?
Yes! We do have a scholarship program. It is called the President’s Educational Scholarship (PES). This is a NO INTEREST program that you pay only $100.00 per month until account is paid in full. Refer to the catalog to see if you are eligible.


Can my spouse get a discount?
Yes! Your spouse can go at a 50% tuition rate. That spouse is still responsible for: text books, study guides and other related costs.


May I attend graduation?
Yes! All students, whether online or classroom, attend a formal graduation at the same time.


What is the privacy policy of Florida State Seminary? 
We pledge to protect the privacy and security of our student information and to provide you with the responsive, professional service you deserve and expect from us. We safeguard information according to established security standards and procedures, and continuously review and adopt new procedures and technology to maintain and update those standards.