This is the area that shows you, as a prospective student, that we are in this ministry to make Graduate Level Programs affordable.


Why? Because we require neither a large staff nor buildings. Secondly, we are a non-profit. Thirdly, our graduates continue to send prospective students to us. Finally, as a biblically based institution, we are required to help Believer’s attain their educational dreams. Therefore we have made our cost extremely affordable.


Don’t let the price scare you! Some will pay a great sum for a diploma with no value. Let us provide you with the powerful tools that will help you become more effective. Not only to the Fellowship of Believers… but to Our Nation and the International World. One of our graduates was recently appointed to the Board of Governors of the Florida University Systems. (3/20/12).


Remember! It’s not the price……but the Value! The PROGRAMS are available and affordable ….The VALUE is up to you!

Download and fill out the FSS application form completely. Attach your Passport Photo, have the final page notarized and mail it in. You may pay online or mail a money order directly to the seminary.


1. Have your Bachelor or Master transcripts mailed directly from previous institutions to Florida State Seminary: 2240 Edgewood Dr. Panama City, Fl. 32405. We do not require lessor diplomas or degrees.


2. Once we have your application and registration fees logged, you will be given a special password. This will allow you to download your desired or required courses. After you complete viewing all the lectures and following the study guide requirements; you will be sent a multiple choice test that must be taken in front of a proctor. The normal fee of a proctor is approximately $10.00. You and your proctor can negotiate that fee.


3. Once you complete the test, you will have the proctor seal it in the return envelope and mail it directly to Florida State Seminary, Testing Center, 2240 Edgewood Dr. Panama City, Fl. 32405. You may only take one (1) course at a time. You will be placed on a monthly payment plan. If your payment is not received by the 10th of each month, your access will be denied. No transcript will be sent until all tuition and fees are paid in full.


Leave us a message with a little about you, and we’ll tell you how to get plugged in to Florida State Seminary!




File COMPLETELY FILLED-OUT APPLICATION (Requires a notarization)